Current school programs

  • Full Day Inclusive Classrooms: Improvisation helps children of all abilities reach social goals in a fun way that benefits social/emotional growth. We have Zip Zap Zop teachers go into schools during school hours into each classroom and follow social goals for the year using a Curriculum Map created by Zip Zap Zop while integrating teachers’ goals for the class. Zip Zap Zop works on goals the teachers specifically are asking for behaviorally as well as take it upon themselves to teach goals following Social Emotional Learning. These classes run 30 minutes- 45 minutes within each classroom and the Zip Zap Zop teacher assigned to your school will learn about the kids and school environment to best fit your needs.

  • After-School: These improv classes allow students to develop their unique sense of self by engaging in active storytelling, improv scenes, movement exercises, and character work! Zip-Zap-Zop is fully inclusive and open to beginners through advanced improv levels. Every class is unique because every child is unique!

  • Small Group/Social Skills: These classes occur during school hours. Children who are working on specific goals are given permission by parents to attend a social skills class guided by Zip Zap Zop each week. This helps children with IEP goals and children who may not have an IEP but could use extra social skills. This works well with children who are needing to enhance their strengths vs. their challenging behavior, timid, have a hard time connecting with friends etc.