Our specially designed programs and connection activities:

  • Develop essential social and emotional skills to individuals of all abilities

  • Empower students to connect with one another in a variety of settings

  • Guide social goals like: 

    • Self-Awareness

    • Self-Management

    • Social Awareness

    • Responsible Decision Making

    • Relationship skills

  • Help people connect to the world around them

Improv allows support providers the flexibility to stay in the moment and work off of the strengths of the individuals.

Zip Zap Zop Enrichment curriculum not only includes descriptive connection activities and adaptations, which are the improv games intended to teach social skills for all individuals, but also helps guide providers to think and act in the moment and stay flexible, which is the most effective way of reaching each individual’s needs in schools, centers, and homes. Our connection activities can be individualized and enhance communication for everyone in inclusive settings.